Beyond WoW

Blizzlike WoW enhanced by authentical new content

Two new world bosses

Recently, our team added two new world bosses which were patched into the game by last week. With them, level 20 and level 30 (10+ players) parties have the opportunity of a totally new game experience by defeating Grylls - Predator of Modan and Blackbeard - The crurel. The individual items Grylls and Blackbeard drop, make your characters more and more powerful champions through the ballte of Azeroth.

Server migration

In order of the server migration to every player of Beyond-WoW needs to achieve the following changes:

  1. Change the content of the file in your WoW-Directory to the following line: set realmlist

  2. To get access to the right Realm, change the realm name of the WTF/ file in your WoW-Directory to the following: SET realmName "Beyond-WoW"

If you fall into any inconveniences, just let the server hoster know.